Martin "Marty" Traverse


has been a professional photographer in the Northern California area since 2000. With background in sports photography, Marty appreciates the challenge of shooting under pressure. Just like sports photography, there is no such thing as a retake in wedding photography.


“When you have just one chance and such a huge responsibility, there is great satisfaction in a successful outcome”... ”I think it’s the best job in the world,” says Marty. “There is nothing more gratifying than wedding photography” he adds


L & M Photography has gained an outstanding reputation in a relatively short time; Marty has found himself being commissioned out of the Northern California area to locations like Palm Springs and Hawaii. As for pure scenic beauty however, the area of Northern California is as beautiful as any place on earth. “I would not live anywhere else” Marty says.



Marty is single and lives with his buddies "Apollo" and "Xena" in Cutten. “The dogs stay home on wedding days, there are certain places a 115 lb Rottwieler and a 100 lb Staffordshire Terrier should not be” says Marty.

Xena handles overseas marketing.

Apollo is unemployable.